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  • We specialize in Surety Bonds, Criminal Bail Bonds, Felony Bail Bonds, Domestic Violence Bail Bonds, and Traffic Bail Bonds.
  • Our agents are available 24 hours a day to help explain the steps involved in bail and discuss any related issues with you.
  • We’ll walk you through the entire process so you don’t feel alone against a faceless legal system.
  • Most people have only a vague notion of what needs to be done when an individual is arrested, especially if a request on bail is applied and made mandatory for the release of a loved one.
  • Panic and confusion may take over, leaving you lost and frustrated.

How Bail Bonds Work

When an individual is arrested for a crime, the person is typically taken to a local detention facility for booking prior to incarceration in a lock-up station or county jail. Once arrested and booked, the defendant has several options for release pending the conclusion of his or her case.

The Bail system is designed to guarantee the timely appearance of a defendant in court. Bail is also an insurance policy for the state that the defendant will appear to face charges. Further, the legal intent of release on Bail is not to relieve the defendant of obligations except for appearing, it is the retention of control over the defendant to the end that justice might be administered. The defendant must be booked into the correctional facilities booking system with all charging information.

The 15% fee is due with a form of security.

You can post the percent payment yourself, or have a family member co-sign for you; and payment plans can be set up if you meet certain criteria, such as real estate ownership and good past payment history, credit card, home or even a promissory note. This option offers monthly payment plans or structured plans determined after the bond payment. Collateral is not always needed, but minimum charges apply for all bail bond services.

Posting Bail on warrants

Don’t wait until you get booked!! Give us a call and we can post a bond to the court on your warrant as long as it is a bondable amount. Come see us and bail yourself out just for being responsible and taking care of it.

Out of custody Bonds

Sometimes when you show up to your initial appearance in court the judge will ask for a bond.

At this time you should ask for a temporary release or better yet have an arrangement set up with your bondsman so that they are either in court with you or on standby to show up at court with your bond.